iCons Master Classes

We got class

  • Who's it for?: Aspiring Creative Professionals
  • Space: Limited to 5-10 Students per Track
  • Instructor: Working Creative Professionals
  • Class Types: Master Classes varies, from: comic book creation and storyboard animation to cosplay and Visual Effect Make-up
  • Master Class Tracks:
  • Comic Book Creation - Writing, Penciling, Inking, Coloring, Lettering & Editing
  • Comic Book Storytelling & Editing - Writers & Editors
  • Coplay - Costume Design, Prop making, Make-up
  • Animation - Storyboarding, Digital Animation
  • Special Effects - Visual Effect Make-Up, Practicle Effects, Digital Effects
  • Digital Artistry

iCons Master Classes invites legendary creators, renowned scholars, innovators, and up and coming creative minds - from around the world - to from one another.

An intimate studio setting provides you with the opportunity to have hands on mentoring and teaching opportunities from the best Comic Book laureates in the world.