iCon Versations

It's like 'Inside the Actors Studio"...but with comic geeks

  • Who's it for?: Curious & creative minds
  • Hosted By: A Surprise Guest Hosts
  • Space: Limited
  • Conversation Topics:
  • No topic is off limits

iCon Versations are thought provoking rigorous discussions and debates with the most interesting people in the geek industry.

Through engaging, entertaining, educational and diverse content and experiences.

A lecture series that shares the stories, ideas, innovations and insights into geek culture - take a journey into the past, present and future, in the company of those who create it. With more than 40 'conversations' scheduled over the course of a weekend, imagine the stories you'll be able to tell the guys at your local comic shop.

Attendees and speakers from vastly different fields will cross-pollinate and draw inspiration from unlikely places. This is the magic of Comic Books.