Original Comic Art Gallery

Curated by the best in the biz

  • Who's it for?: Lovers of Comic Book Art
  • Space: Art Gallery
  • Purpose: To promote and present the craft of the sequential arts, to appreciate its history and evolving nature through exhibitions and education
  • Genre's: Tradition Comic Art, Painted Illustrations, Manga
  • Gallery Features:
  • Curated One-of-a-Kind Art work
  • Guideds Tour by iCons Art Ambassador

The iCons Original Comic Art Gallery is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the sequential arts. The gallery acquires both print and digital publications, photographic images, and other research materials related to its collections and to the history and appreciation of the sequential art.

The iCons Gallery recognizes that both the dissemination of information and the enhancement of the aesthetic experience are essential to fostering understanding of the sequential arts.